Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Playa del Rey, CA

Some people do not know they are in need of a root canal therapy, as they do not understand the symptoms of a compromised tooth. At Studio City Dental Group, we help our Playa del Rey patients maintain their natural smiles with teeth saving procedures such as root canal treatment. Our dentists combine a gentle touch and a personable approach to keep patients comfortable while protecting a tooth from further infection.

If you are looking for a dentist that keeps you relaxed even when needing to undergo treatment with a bad stigma surrounding it such as root canal therapy, contact our practice today! We help patients remain at ease while effectively preserving their natural dental structures.

What is a Dental Infection?

The pulp, which is a compilation of connective nerve tissues and blood vessels, is protected by enamel. When decay reaches the inner structures of a tooth, patients may experience temperature sensitivity, a constant toothache, or they can even develop an abscess. If one leaves a compromised tooth unaddressed, it can lead to surrounding dental structures becoming infected. A tooth may also surpass the level of infection that would allow for the natural dental structure to be saved.

At Studio City Dental Group, we do everything we can to make sure that procedures such as extraction are not necessary, and we may preserve your natural dental anatomy.

Root Canal Therapy in Playa del Rey Dental Practice

When you come into our practice with dental pain or a sensitivity to temperatures, our dentists perform a thorough examination of your smile. This is so we may devise a detailed treatment plan that keeps you comfortable and brings you to your optimal oral health. At Studio City Dental Group, we combine the latest dental technology and modern techniques to provide you with effective dental care.

Our dentist begins root canal therapy by entering the inside of the tooth from the top of the crown. They then use this opening to sterilize the inner tooth and remove the infected tissues. One of our dentists fills the tooth with gutta-percha, a composite resin that protects the dental structure from becoming compromised again. A crown is placed on top of the remaining tooth to shield it and renew strength to achieve optimal dental function.

The restoration we provide our patients mimic the appearance of enamel and seamlessly blends with surrounding teeth.

Preserve Your Smile!

At Studio City Dental Group, we do everything we can to renew their oral health and aesthetic. Our Playa del Rey dental team is eager to walk with you down to path to your ideal smile. Contact our dental office today to schedule a consultation with our compassionate dentists!

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