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The mission of any health care professional is to solve a patient’s problem and ensure their comfort and long-lasting health.  When providing oral and maxillofacial surgery at Studio City Dental Group, we make it our goal to not only solve a patient’s oral health issues, but to also deliver care that helps to manage any anxieties or fears that a patient may have about their procedure.

Oral Surgery in North Hollywood

Studio City Dental Group is home to licensed oral maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Auyong. With Dr. Auyong’s expertise, we are able to provide specialized care that helps patients recover their health and well-being with a variety of surgical procedures including:

Dental Implant Placement - When teeth are missing from your smile, our oral surgeon works closely with our general dentists to complete your treatment plan. Our oral surgeon skillfully places implant posts into bone in your jaw, while our prosthodontists and general dentists work to create new teeth that comfortably complete your smile.

Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts - In order to create an ideal environment for implant placement, our oral surgeon can also build up insufficient bone by performing a bone graft or a sinus lift.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Wisdom teeth removal is one of the more common oral surgery treatments that patients need. Dr. Auyong and his team provide simple and complex wisdom teeth extractions to avoid the complications that third molars can cause, such as discomfort, shifting teeth alignment, and risk for tooth decay.

Biopsies and Oral Pathology - Checking for the presence of oral cancer is an important preventive process completed at every routine checkup. When signs of oral cancer are detected, our North Hollywood oral surgeon can remove sections of affected tissue for testing.

We work hard to ensure that your experience is comfortable. With our in-house oral surgeon, there’s no need to visit an outside dental office to have specialized surgical procedures performed.

Comfortable Oral Surgery with the Help of Anesthesia

While some dental offices use only local anesthetic before performing a variety of oral surgeries, Dr. Auyong has a special interest in anesthesia and is certified to administer general anesthesia to surgical patients at Studio City Dental Group.

Anesthesia is woven into the fabric of oral and maxillofacial surgery to function as a pain and anxiety management tool.  Routine and complex surgical procedures at our office are completed with ideal anesthetic management in-mind.  All techniques evolve with time, both with experience and with new materials and medications. Dr. Auyong is proud to have evolved and developed to provide safe and comfortable anesthesia and surgery to ensure the best care for his patients.

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