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Visiting the dentist for routine cleanings and examinations is essential to having a healthy, radiant smile. However, at Studio City Dental Group, we understand that patients may need extra assistance when it comes to receiving treatments. We provide sedation dentistry in North Hollywood for all our patients, from children who may need extensive care, to special needs patients, and adults with dental phobias.

Our sedation options, oral conscious and nitrous oxide, assist in quelling patients’ fears and anxieties about receiving dental care, resulting in healthier, happier smiles.

Types of Sedation

In order to create feelings of ease and comfort during treatment, we provide sedation for patients who find themselves anxious about seeing the dentist. Our warm, compassionate dentists and staff ensure your comfort from the moment you arrive and throughout your appointment. Our sedation options are effective at easing negative feelings, allowing you to receive dental treatments that are necessary for your health and wellbeing.

At our North Hollywood dental practice, we provide the following forms of sedation dentistry:

Oral conscious sedation – Patients are advised to take this pill-form sedation treatment an hour before receiving dental care. Known as a minimal sedative, this medication produces an effect that makes patients comfortable at the edge of consciousness, feeling drowsy but communicative. These anti-anxiety medications calm anxiousness and fears about the treatment, allowing you to properly receive care.

Nitrous oxide – Also known as laughing gas, patients receive this sedative through a nose hood before treatment. Patients inhale this sedative and feel a general sense of ease during their dental treatment. Like oral conscious sedation, you are drowsy, but communicative. This approach is an effective means of managing discomfort and anxiety during treatment that does not include the groggy after effects of oral conscious sedation.

Our oral surgeon and pediatric dentist treat cases under general anesthesia as needed. All specialists and dentists in our practice are able to obtain help from a dental anesthesiologist to administer this service in-office if required for their patients.

Sedation Treatments at Studio City Dental Group

We do our best to reduce the anxiety and fears of our patients by providing quality dental care with sedation options. Our priority is your continued oral health, as well as your safety. Before any sedation options are recommended, we go through your dental health needs, treatment solutions, and medical history. We do our best to recommend sedation for patients who find themselves with a sensitive gag reflex, or the inability to remain still during treatment.

If their main concern is dental fear and anxiety, sedation creates pleasant dental experiences where your appointment appears to pass quickly and procedures are far easier to complete. 

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Gain the healthy, radiant smile you deserve by receiving dental care assisted by sedation. Our North Hollywood sedation dentists and staff are here to provide comprehensive treatments with your comfort in mind. For more information about our sedation options, contact Studio City Dental Group today.

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