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Dental Implants in Studio City and North Hollywood

Many patients take simple dental function, such as the ability to bite and chew, for granted. But when you have missing teeth that prevent you from doing these simple and essential things, you quickly realize how important it is to have a strong smile.

Our team of dental specialists gives patients the next best thing to natural teeth through implant dentistry. Our North Hollywood implant dentists can replace missing teeth in your smile in a way that allows you to enjoy the simple things in life again.

What Makes Dental Implants Different?

Dental implants are unique among other dental restorations for their ability to replace all parts of missing permanent teeth. Dental implants provide for new tooth roots and crowns (the top part of teeth that are visible above the gum line). Dental implants are also versatile and can replace one missing tooth even all of your natural teeth.

The benefits of replacing teeth with dental implants include:

No Alteration of Healthy Teeth or Tissues – Other prosthetics that take the place of natural teeth can provide for some undesirable side effects on existing, healthy teeth. Placing a dental bridge requires that teeth are prepared by significantly reducing dental enamel, while partial and partial dentures are not secure and can irritate soft tissue over time.

Long-Lasting Function – Because your dental implant includes a prosthetic root that is surgically embedded in jaw bone, your new tooth or teeth will provide for the same biting and chewing function that your natural teeth would support. Compared to removable prosthetics or bridges that can break down after several years, dental implants provide for more durable restorations and improved oral function.

Improvements in Overall Oral Health – Through osseointegration, the process during which implant posts naturally merge with tissue, bone health is maintained and supported. When whole teeth are lost, healthy stimulation goes with it, allowing bone volume to shrink and patients’ faces to look sunken or aged. Dental implants prevent these problems and associated side-effects by encouraging bone health and limiting facial collapse.

Complete Dental Implant Treatment Plans in One Location

Because Studio City Dental Group houses multiple specialists in one office, our North Hollywood dental implant services can be completed in one friendly location. Our general dentists help plan your treatment and coordinate placement of your implants with our periodontists, Drs. Shapiro and Whang, with our oral surgeon, Dr. Auyong. We can place any number of implants you may need, from one implant for single tooth loss to multiple implants for full arch restorations with implant-supported dentures.

After your implants have been placed and allowed time to heal, our prosthodontist and on-site ceramist will create beautiful and durable new teeth that securely attach to implants posts, such as implant crowns, bridges, and permanent dentures.

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Don’t let missing teeth or uncomfortable, old-fashioned restorations limit your oral function and prevent you from smiling with confidence. At Studio City Dental Group, we are your home for comprehensive dental implant treatment in North Hollywood.

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